Updated 0x Developer Docs

  • We are excited to announce updated 0x documentation and guides!
  • This refresh features new guides on how to implement NFT swaps using 0x Protocol v4, a refreshed layout for easier navigation, at-a-glance developer resources, and much more

At 0x, we want to provide developers with a consistent and smooth experience while building with 0x Protocol and 0x API. 0x is a robust and highly flexible protocol. As we’ve evolved it has become more important than ever that we have easy to navigate, up-to-date documentation to support developers.

We’re excited to share the launch of our updated developer documentation. These fully refreshed docs lay the groundwork and organization to keep developers up-to-date on the latest features and tooling as 0x continues to evolve.

0x is open-source, decentralized infrastructure that enables the exchange of tokenized assets across all major blockchains. Developers can use 0x to add flexible, multi-chain exchange functionality into their applications and create new markets for all tokenized assets, including DeFi tokens and NFTs. 0x offers secure, audited smart contracts and a professional-grade API.

This comprehensive set of documentation serves as a launchpad for developers looking to build on 0x. Here are some notable updates:

Refreshed layout

Refreshed 0x developer docs

To help you quickly find the information you need, we’ve completely refreshed the layout and organization of our docs. Whether you’re a market maker interested in supplying ERC20 liquidity or a taker interested in implementing NFT swap support, we have the tools for you.

Updated core concepts

The 0x tech stack is constantly evolving, so it’s important that you have the freshest information on 0x core concepts. With our updated documentation, you can get a quick refresher on how a 0x order is executed, learn more about the 0x Protocol, or catch up on the basics of the 0x DAO.

NFT Swap docs and guides

With the launch of NFT swap support on 0x Protocol v4, we have put together documentation to help you understand the order formats and contract interfaces for NFT swap functionality. You can also access guides on how to create, sign, fill and cancel NFT orders.

Market Maker RFQ docs and guides

We have updated our Request-for-Quote (RFQ) System documentation, which outlines how off-chain liquidity can be sourced from PMMs to provide takers with the best price. For our professional market makers, we have also released guides on how to create, hash, sign, fill, get state, and cancel 0x v4 RFQ orders.

Developer resources at-a-glance

All 0x developer resources are now consolidated in one place, so that you have access to everything you need at-a-glance:

As we continue to improve the protocol, we will keep the documentation updated with the latest resources.

Stay connected

We want to hear from you about the updated docs experience! Please join our Discord and share feedback in the #dev-resources channel. You can also leave a quick rating at the bottom of each documentation page.

There are a lot of concepts covered in the documentation, so we’ve created a 0x Wordle to help you learn them in a fun way! To participate, challenge someone to 0x Wordle and then share your score on Twitter with the #0xWordle tag. We’d love to see how many 0x-related three-letter words you know besides “API” and “ZRX”!

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