Announcing support for new testnets: Goerli for Ethereum and Mumbai for Polygon

Update (9/21): We’ve revised this post to more accurately reflect our support for Goerli and Mumbai. At this time, we do not offer support for 0x Orderbook API on Goerli and Mumbai testnets. We have this slated for Q4.

We're excited to announce support for two new testnets: Goerli, the proof of authority Ethereum testnest, and Mumbai, the testnet for Polygon. We will support Ropsten testnet until October 25, 2022, as it has already been deprecated by the Ethereum Foundation. Developers should plan to migrate to Goerli by then.

Beginning today, 0x will provide access to these testing environments for developers building DeFi applications with 0x Protocol and 0x API. Developers can test smart contracts and perform swaps for their apps on all 0x supported networks.

We’ve created a list of resources to help you get started:

Goerli network properties

Mumbai network properties


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