Introducing 0x Explorer


Today we’re excited to introduce 0x Explorer, the most reliable and transparent tool to help developers and users verify transactions and analyze on-chain activity in an easy and low-friction way. Other 0x stakeholders, such as ZRX token holders and market makers, will also be able to monitor the expansion of the 0x ecosystem.

As part of 0x’s mission to create a world where all tokenized value can flow freely, 0x Labs is committed to delivering tools and infrastructure that help developers build applications that will onboard the next wave of users to Web3. In 2017, a 0x community member, Craig Bovis, created 0x Tracker, an open-source tool to explore trade activity on 0x Protocol. The 0x Labs team recognized the importance of a tool that makes building and transacting on 0x more accessible and transparent, and today we’re announcing the beta launch of 0x Explorer as the next iteration of 0x Tracker.

0x Explorer is launching with the most requested features from the 0x community, including transaction tracking, liquidity source and chain breakdowns, and in-depth application metrics. For now, 0x Explorer provides data about ERC-20 transactions routed through 0x API, but we will be adding information about all 0x Protocol transactions in the following weeks.

We want developers and users alike to have the best experience building and transacting on 0x. With 0x Explorer, developers can now more easily track in-depth application data and users can quickly explore trade activity.

Feature highlights

Detailed transaction data

Detailed transaction pages show the exact smart order routing for each trade, including hops, liquidity sources, routers, and relevant wallet addresses. We wanted to make it incredibly easy for developers and users transacting on the 0x network to navigate through the data.

Top-line application metrics

For developers building with 0x API, we’ve built out dedicated dashboards that allow you to monitor trends, identify your top users, and analyze multi-chain activity.

Liquidity sources

For developers bringing their products to market, liquidity sourcing is an important decision early in the development process. Rather than tapping into a single-source of liquidity, developers choose to integrate with 0x API to tap into aggregated liquidity and therefore remove the heavy lift of having to manage infrastructure in-house.

Many 0x API developers are interested in the details of our active liquidity sources so we’ve included this information on 0x Explorer. Developers can now view the top liquidity sources by chain and see a detailed breakdown of volume, trades, and users by source.

Let’s build

We’ll be continuing to roll out new features on 0x Explorer. If you have any feedback or feature requests, join us on Discord in #0x-explorer. We look forward to hearing from you!

0x Explorer is powered by 0x Data APIs. Developers who want beta access to the 0x Data APIs can request an API key here.

Roadmap of 0x Explorer features:

  • Expanding the time horizon for viewing data
  • Downloading data into Excel/CSV
  • Transaction verification
  • Expanded search features capabilities
  • And more!

Learn more about 0x at and get started building with our developer documentation.


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