First-ever 0x DAO grant awarded to ThalesDAO

ThalesDAO receives $50,000 to support the integration of 0x permissionless order books, which will unlock next-gen Chainlink-enabled binary options trading.

When the ZRX community collectively established 0xEVE (0x Ecosystem Value Experiment), one of the key goals was to accelerate 0x ecosystem value capture. Today, the 0x DAO take a running leap towards that goal by announcing its first grant award of $50,000 to ThalesDAO!

Hailing from one of the most vibrant communities in crypto, the legendary Synthetix Spartans, Thales will integrate 0x permissionless order books to re-imagine binary options trading, enabling a market for virtually any Chainlink-supported price feed, including dozens of crypto assets, commodities, equities, and unique index data feeds.

Thales will also operate a ZRX staking pool, enabling ZRX token holders to actively participate in the self-reinforcing, virtuous flywheel of flourishing markets.

While a growing number of 0x-powered apps already provide frontend access to the powerful capabilities of 0x API, Thales will be one of the first to also operate a ZRX staking pool. We believe this will be an interesting experiment providing useful insights related to market maker competition, incentive alignment, and network effects. Collaborating with the Thales team has been lots of fun, and we can't wait to see the value they unlock by integrating 0x. Opa!

How to request 0x DAO funding

Excerpt from the 0xDAO Grant Program Framework

Step 1: Grant seekers apply for funding using the application form or posting on the governance forum. If posting on the forum, please provide the same information required in the application form.

• For grants < $50K, use the Google Form
• For grants > $50K, post in the Governance Forum and in Snapshot

Step 2: 0xEVE team begins evaluation and contacts grant seekers if additional information or negotiation is needed. 0xEVE team may award grants that fall within its budgetary authority or publish evaluation and scoring for community consideration. Grant seekers should monitor the governance forum to provide additional information and feedback as needed.

Note: If 0xEVE declines or is unable to fund a grant <$50k, grant seekers can post a proposal  on the forum to request funding from the Treasury.

Step 3: After a reasonable time period has passed to allow for community discussion and 0xEVE scoring (we suggest a minimum of 14 days), along with temperature check signalling from Snapshot, proposals may proceed to a vote (see ZRX Requirements, above).

For awarded grants, funding will be disbursed in accordance with milestones or other metric/accountability criteria, such as KPIs.

Depending on the type of grant and the specific work involved, the 0xEVE team will assist with coordination, report on progress and metrics, and share insights and learnings with the community.


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