0x Limit Orders Go Multi-Chain

  • 0x Limit Orders, which were previously only available on Ethereum, are now available on Polygon and BSC
  • View our technical documentation to learn about trading with 0x Limit Orders via 0x API

We’re pleased to announce the expansion of 0x Limit Orders to Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Since the launch of the 0x API on Polygon and BSC, users have sourced nearly $57 billion of liquidity using the 0x API. This liquidity has essentially been in the form of market orders, using the 0x API’s aggregation functionality to buy/sell tokens nearly immediately at the best possible price on the respective chain.

With the rollout of 0x Limit Orders on Polygon and BSC, users can now place off-chain, resting orders for specified prices and specified amounts, which can be filled by any counterparty at a later time. 0x Limit Orders offer excellent functionality for discerning traders who have a target price in mind.

Expanding 0x beyond Ethereum

0x Labs’ mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. We believe that exposing the broadest set of users to smart contracts, self-custody wallets, and DEX markets is key to achieving that mission.

The launch of 0x Limit Orders on Polygon and BSC is an important step in our mission to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. Polygon and BSC offer fast, inexpensive trading solutions for anyone looking to exchange value in a decentralized fashion. As part of our multi-chain expansion, we continue to add support for new L1 chains and L2 solutions and will be deploying 0x Limit Orders to even more chains in the coming months.

Start trading with 0x limit orders

0x Limit Orders are available through all of our integration partners who support Polygon and/or BSC. They can also be accessed via the 0x API. 0x Limit Orders are created off-chain and are completely free to create. Users can enter, cancel, and fill limit orders, all through one easy-to-use, familiar experience.

To learn more about trading with 0x limit orders, check out our guide here.

If you are building the next killer app on either Polygon or BSC, and want to provide your users with the best trading infrastructure, please reach out to us on Discord.


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