0x Ecosystem 🪐 Update #18

Highlights, network insights, and news from across the 0x ecosystem - March / April 2022.

Welcome to the latest ecosystem update for 0x, the most trusted Web3 exchange infrastructure. Read on for highlights, integrations, network insights, and news from across the expanding ecosystem. Let’s dive in 👇

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💡 Highlights

🧩 New Integrations (Demand)

We welcome new 0x integrators to the ecosystem:

  • Atlas - A cross-chain AMM connecting major blockchains
  • Cometh - A DeFi powered game
  • Coinbase NFT - A social marketplace for NFTs
  • Genie - The first NFT marketplace aggregator
  • Lost & Found - A NFT marketplace for the Lost & Found universe
  • Minke - Better finance built on DeFi
  • Nested - The one-stop SocialFi app to build, manage, and monetize portfolios

🌊 New Liquidity Sources (Supply)

Chain Liquidity Sources
Avalanche Synapse
BNB Chain ACryptoS, Synapse
Ethereum DODO v2, Eth2Dai, Lido, Synapse, Uniswap v3
Fantom Synapse
Optimism Curve, Curve v2
Polygon Balancer

🌐 Network Insights

% change = since Ecosystem Update #17 [January / February 2022]

0x Protocol volume reached $6.9B in the month of March and closed at $5.1B in the month of April across a total of 7 chains, bringing all-time volume to $160B+. Comparing across chains, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Celo volumes increased over the past two months, while Polygon and Ethereum volumes decreased by 40% and 19% respectively in the months of March and April compared to February 2022.

While volume was on a down trend the past two months, the number of overall active traders slightly increased during the same period, averaging around ~430k per month across all chains.

0x metrics: total volume (left), # of monthly active users (right)

The number of trades on 0x Protocol hovered around 1.8M per month over the past two months. Polygon previously made up 58% of all trades across chains in February but dropped to 35% in April. On the other hand, BSC increased its share of trades from 11% in February to around 37% in April. Comparing trade size across chains, Ethereum trade size hovered around ~$15k, with Avalanche coming in second at ~$1.6k per trade.

0x metrics: # of trades (left), avg trade size (right)

Across integrators, Matcha led with a total of $4.3B in volume over the past two months. While Matcha is available on all 0x API-supported chains, 93% of its volume came from Ethereum. In other news, Metamask reclaimed the 2nd podium spot from Cowswap with ~$1.3B in volume over the last two months. Cowswap and Metamask both reached more than $1 billion in volume.

📈 Visit the 0x analytics dashboard to further explore the growth of the 0x network.

🪐 Ecosystem News

🗞️ In the Media

👂 Around the Ecosystem

🎉 Special Shout-out

Congratulations to Coinbase on launching their social marketplace for NFTs!

🏗️ Builders

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For our inaugural episode, 0x Labs Co-CEO Will Warren sat down with developer advocate Jessica Lin to chat about all things 0x past, present, and future.

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🎬 Wrapping Up

Thanks for tuning in! If you’ve built a new app on 0x, let us know by emailing blog@0x.org and we’ll mention it in the next update.

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