0x Ecosystem 🪐 Update #14

Highlights, network insights, and news from across the 0x ecosystem - July / August 2021.

Welcome to the 0x ecosystem update where we regularly share highlights, network insights, and news from across the growing 0x ecosystem. Let’s dive in 👇

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💡 Highlights

  • 0x and Brave partner to make crypto and DeFi more accessible to everyone 🤝
  • 0x and Celo partner to bring DeFi to 6 billion smartphone users worldwide 📱
  • 0x DAO grant program is live! 🎉
  • The canonical guide for accessing 0x data 🔮

🧩 New Integrations (Demand)

  • DappRadar - Track, analyze and discover decentralized applications
  • DEXTools - The ultimate hub for DEX trading
  • Fractional - Fractional ownership of NFTs
  • Lanceria - A platform for freelancers and digital artists
  • Market - Earn yield and leverage assets in isolated markets
  • Rubic - A multi-chain DeFi ecosystem
  • SwapMatic - An AMM and yield farming platform
The 0x ecosystem continues to expand 🪐

🌊 New Liquidity Sources (Supply)

  • Polygon
    • ApeSwap
    • Balancer
    • JetSwap
    • Kyber DMM
  • Binance Smart Chain
    • JetSwap
  • Ethereum
    • ShibaSwap

🗞 0x in the Media

💬 Social Mentions

🌐 Network Insights

% change = since Ecosystem Update #13 [May / June 2021]

Trading volume across 0x Protocol over the past 2 months was ~$16B, with a consistent uptrend on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Polygon’s share of volume on 0x Protocol grew to 12% in August.

We’ve continued to see steady growth in active trader count across all 0x-supported chains over the past two months. Polygon’s growth slowed in August, while the number of traders on BSC jumped ~240%. User growth on BSC can be attributed mostly to Metamask, with ~10k active daily traders on BSC.

Over the same time period, the average trade size on Polygon increased from ~$700+ per trade to ~$1.1k, while the average trade size on BSC remained steady. The average trade size on Ethereum dipped slightly in July from June, but then trended up on a weekly basis throughout August, which is in line with the trend we’ve seen with Ethereum gas prices over the past month due to the red hot NFT market.

Across integrators, Matcha is leading the board with a total of $4.7B in volume over the last 2 months. New integrations include Cowswap and Coinbase Wallet, both of which became top volume channels soon after onboarding to 0x API. In terms of volume across chains, ~24% of volume on Zapper has come from Polygon, while over half of the volume on DODO has come from Binance Smart Chain. BSC accounts for ~22% of volume on Metamask as well.

📈 Visit the 0x analytics dashboard to further explore the growth of the 0x network.

🔦 Ecosystem Spotlights

Our 0x Ecosystem Spotlight series is where we highlight some of the exciting and novel projects built on 0x. Our second spotlight is DeFi Saver!

DeFi Saver is a one-stop dashboard for creating, managing, and tracking DeFi positions. We talked to community lead Nikola to dive deeper into what sets DeFi Saver apart from other management apps, why they chose to integrate 0x API, and what’s next for the project.

📰 Read our interview with DeFi Saver

Following on the heels of DeFi Saver, we also chatted with DODO, an on-chain decentralized exchange that leverages 0x API to provide traders with the best prices, about the importance of multi-chain development and what they are currently working on.

📰 Read our interview with DODO

🪐 Ecosystem News

Special Shout-out

🎉 Congratulations to Zerion on raising $8.2 million to help take DeFi mainstream!

Looking for a simple way to add token swaps at the best prices to your product? 🔎

Look no further! 0x API is free to use, easy to integrate, and allows you to quickly and reliably access deep aggregated DEX liquidity so you can focus on building your product. In addition, 0x API is available on a growing number of popular blockchains, like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

🛠 Check out our developer docs to integrate 0x API today.

💼 Ecosystem Jobs

Exciting opportunities to work for teams building on 0x technology:

🎬 Wrapping Up

Thanks for tuning in! If you’ve built a new app on 0x, let us know by emailing blog@0x.org and we’ll mention it in the next update.

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