0x Ecosystem 🪐 Spotlight: Trader

An interview with Trader, the easiest and fastest way for developers to build NFT swap functionality into their Web3 app.

Welcome to the #0xecosystem 🪐 spotlight series, where we highlight some of the exciting and novel projects built on 0x. Next up is Trader! Trader is building the most developer friendly, easy-to-use tooling for the exchange of any assets in crypto. We spoke with Patryk Adaś about the recent launch of their NFT Swap SDK, support for NFT swaps on 0x Protocol v4, and much more.

Enjoy the interview!

What is Trader?

Trader is the easiest way to swap your NFTs directly with friends. Simply pick your token, name your price, and get a unique link you can share with friends to trade securely. With no platform fees and the lowest gas costs, Trader is the best solution to exchange your tokens and collectibles. We’re also providing developer tooling for building NFT trading applications on top of 0x.

You recently launched the NFT Swap SDK powered by 0x, making it easy for developers to build a NFT trading app or marketplace. Can you provide some additional insight into the SDK?

Our NFT Swap SDK is the easiest, most-powerful swap library available on the EVM. It supports Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains (Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, etc), and works in both a browser and node.js. Written in TypeScript, the Trader Swap SDK is powered by 0x Protocol. With this library, developers can easily build support for NFT marketplaces, over-the-counter (OTC) exchange, and/or peer-to-peer exchange. The SDK supports the exchange of NFTs for NFTs, NFTs for ERC20 tokens, or bundles of NFTs and tokens.

The SDK combines ultimate swap flexibility with a simple API so developers can be productive immediately and focus on building their Web3 app. For examples of the NFT Swap SDK action, check out Vaportrade and pob.studio.

We also recently announced support for 0x Protocol v4, which will bring significant gas savings to users and a number of new NFT trading features. With the new integration of v4, NFT trades that use the Swap SDK are the cheapest and most efficient swaps available on Ethereum, with gas savings of up to 41% compared to alternatives. Support for v4 on mainnet will roll out once 0x contract audits are finalized. Developers can start integrating via testnet today so you're ready to go when v4 is deployed on mainnet!

Why did you choose to build on 0x?

0x is battle-tested and highly flexible exchange infrastructure that makes it easy to integrate swap functionality on any EVM chain.

We think 0x is the best choice for swaps, period.

We are happy to have received a generous grant from the 0x community treasury that is enabling us to explore more novel trading interactions. 0x is a great ecosystem for builders, both in terms of the technical infrastructure and the community support.

What’s next for Trader?

We want Trader to become the end-to-end flow for trading your tokens with both friends and strangers in a secure and trustless way, whether it’s over-the-counter or through a marketplace or auction house. We are currently expanding our OTC flow and working on the foundations of a marketplace.

We plan to continue to explore the NFT space by rapidly iterating on core functionality. Due to the flexible and feature-rich 0x exchange smart contract architecture already in place, we will be able to develop features much faster with shorter feedback loops.

Where can people go to learn more about Trader?

To learn more about Trader you can go directly to https://trader.xyz/, follow us on Twitter and come hang in our Discord. If you’re a developer, please visit our Github repository here.

If you are interested in integrating NFT swap functionality into your app, come check out our Swap SDK workshop on Wednesday, February 16 at ETHDenver. 0x will be awarding prizes to teams who use the Swap SDK in their projects.

Thanks for chatting, Patryk!

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