0x + Celo partner to bring DeFi to 6 billion smartphone users worldwide

0x establishes itself as a founding partner of DeFi for the People built on the Celo blockchain.

We're excited to share that we are a founding partner of Celo's DeFi for the People initiative, which aims to bring DeFi to the 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. DeFi for the People will offer more than $100 million in educational initiatives, grants, and incentives. We're equally excited to work alongside various leading Ethereum DeFi projects like Aave, Chainlink, Curve, RabbitHole, Sushi, The Graph, and UMA to make this effort a success.

Not only is 0x's decentralized exchange infrastructure a perfect fit to power apps built on Celo's mobile-first blockchain, but our mission to "create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely" also aligns well with Celo's mission "to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity—for everyone."

We look forward to sharing more details of our involvement in the months to come.

Read the official Celo announcement here.


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